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Wilderness Cabins

wilderness cabin for rent on Cheat Moutain
Wilderness cabin atop Bald Knob
wilderness cabin for rent on Cheat Moutain
Wilderness cabin for rent on Cheat Moutain

On top of Cheat Mountain when the Bald Knob trip stops, your overnight experience begins after hiking ¾ of a mile to your wilderness abode. You ride the train back to civilization on the day you reserved for your return!

Basic information about the Wilderness Cabin

You will be going into a vast backcountry area part of the Monongahela National Forest at an elevation of 4,800 feet. Be prepared for weather much colder and wetter than what you would expect at lower elevations. You will also be entering black bear country and should take proper precautions in the storing of food.

Bring your sleeping bag and pack your own water. Cooking utensils and wood for heating are provided. Outdoor facilities are available.

The wilderness cabin has no electricity, running water, or refrigeration.  You should generally plan on bringing full backcountry camping gear.

Items you may need for your visit include: bedding such as a sleeping bag (bed frames are provided); camping stove and fuel (wood stove and wood provided, but more difficult to use); camping light and fuel (no lighting is provided in the cabin); flashlights; matches; toilet paper; first aid kit; cooler; water purifying equipment; food, toiletries and personal items.

More information will be provided to you upon reserving our wilderness cabin. Wilderness Cabin rentals is managed by Mountain Rail Adventures or by calling 866-460-7265.

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