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Shay #7

In The Old Days...

Shay #7Originally numbered 3, this Shay began service at Raine Lumber Company, Honeydew, West Virginia in 1920. Meadow River Lumber Company at Rainelle, acquired the engine in 1935 and re-numbered it #7.

Past to Present...

Shay #7 arrived at Cass Scenic Railroad, West Virginia in 1964. Like Shay #4, this class C-70 Shay represents the typical locomotive built by Lima for West Virginia loggers in the 1920's. Over the years Shay 7 acquired a heavy steel "streamlined" cab and a huge cinder-catching smokestack. Unfortunately, trouble has occurred with one of the boiler courses of this classic engine, and it has fallen into disrepair. Some of #7's parts have gone to other engines such as #4.

Technically Speaking:

Builder No.: 3131 Date in Service: October 23, 1920
Class: C-70 Trucks: 3
Bore: 12 inches Stroke: 15 inches
Drivers: 36 inches Weight: 80 Tons


Photograph Archives


Black & white of #7 right side. Black & white of #7 and #5 going down the mountain. #7 pushing some passenger cars up an incline.

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