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Shay #6

In The Old Days...

Shay #6Built for Western Maryland coal service Shay #6 was shipped to Elkins, West Virginia May 14, 1945 for use on the 9% grade on the Chaffe branch. Shay #6 was the last Shay ever built. The locomotive's commercial life was short, lasting only four years. #6 was then stored and finally donated to the Baltimore & Ohio Museum in Baltimore, MD, where it remained for 26 years.

Past to Present...

In 1981, an exchange was arranged for Shay #1 and a Porter 0-4-0 owned by Cass Scenic Railroad. Shay #6 was carefully removed from the old museum. It actually was driven onto the Turntable and out of the B&O Museum using air generated by a compressor. Today, #6 is still like new and a spectacular example of the fine technology of geared locomotives. It combines the grace and refinement of the Pacific Coast Shay with sheer mass (162 tons). The locomotive is about twice as large as any other locomotive at Cass. The Big 6 is assigned to the Bald Knob, Spruce, and Elkins excursions.


Technically Speaking:

Builder No.: 3354 Date in Service: 1945
Class: C-150 Trucks: 3
Bore: 17 inches Stroke: 18 inches
Drivers: 48 inches Weight: 162 Tons


Photograph Archives


Nice right side picture of Shay #6.

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