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Shay #5

Shay #5Legendary #5 was built by Lima for Greenbrier and Elk River in November 1905. This turn-of-the-century class C-80 Shay has been toiling up Cheat Mountain for nearly 100 years, making it one of the oldest engines in continuous service on its original line, and the second oldest Shay in existance.

Past to Present...

Until 1980, #5 was accompanied by another turn-of-the-century machine -- Shay #1. #1, also built in 1905, came to Cass in 1915 where it was continuously used until the end of the logging era. Cass Scenic Railroad ran the engine till 1963, when a major overhaul was required. In 1980 #1 was re-lettered "Greenbrier Cheat & Elk", loaded on a flatcar and shipped to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD. as part of the trade for Western Maryland Shay #6.

Technically Speaking:

Builder No.: 1503 Date in Service:  November 1, 1905
Class: C-80 Trucks: 3
Bore: 13 1/2 inches Stroke: 15 inches
Drivers: 36 inches Weight: 90 Tons


Photograph Archives

A nice picture showing #5 behind #2 and two other engines. A nice black and white photo of #5. Looking up and from the right this angle adds a larger than life look to Shay #5 Amid a cloud of smoke #5 rumbles over a crossing.




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