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Maple Trees

Front Street. Cass, WVEight trees planted along Front Street in Cass WV and four more planted along Main Street in the Town of Cass occurred in 2015.  The plantings, as they mature over the years will reflect how the streets in Cass would have appeared in the boom days when Cass was a logging community. The Cass Scenic Railroad State Park was gifted twelve maple trees by the Blackhurst Family.

About the Blackhurst Family  – Rev. Harry Jabez  Blackhurst and Lula May Burner were married in 1892. They moved from Minneapolis, MN to Cass, WV in 1901 just as the railroad arrived and the lumber boom began. They built their home in East Cass on land which was given to them by Lula May's parents.

They raised eleven children in Cass as Harry preached in the towns and logging camps of Pocahontas and Randolph County. Rev. Blackhurst worked in the mill for a time and also conducted services in the mill building before a church was built. He traveled by train, carriage, or horseback to serve his charges.

Lula May was a stay at home mother that could cultivate, plant, harvest, sew, quilt, knit, basket weave, cure meat, tan hide and make tools and hardware. She was the daughter of one of the early pioneer families in Pocahontas County. The descendants of these two remarkable individuals continue to  bring their families to Cass every other year for the Blackhurst-Burner Reunion.
















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