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Q. - If I purchase an advance ticket does that guarantee me a seat?

A. -Yes . Each standard general admission car on the train has about 26 seats.  In 2015 the purchase of a ticket guarantees a seat

Q. - Why should I make an advance reservation?

A. - Since some of our trains sell out in advance, your reservation will assure you of space on the train of your choice. It also eliminates long and frustrating lines at the ticket window and allows us to schedule our staff and plan our train lengths more effectively.

Effective January 1, 2015 all train ride and trip tickets are sold by Mountain Rail Adventures. Ticket purchase is available online or by calling 866-460-7265.

Q. - What about food, can I bring my own food and eat on the train? Is there someplace to buy food there?

A. - Yes, you can bring your own food and coolers and eat on the train. There is a small concession stand at Whittaker Station, however, NO food is sold at Bald Knob. You can also purchase a box lunch from the Last Run Restaurant located at Cass. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the train and throughout the park.

Q. Do any of the trips include food?

A. – Yes. Starting in 2015 the Bald Knob fare includes a boxed lunch.

Q. - I smoke. Is there a certain car that allows smoking?

A. - You are NOT permitted to smoke on any of the train cars at Cass.

Q. - Can I bring my dog on the train with me?

A. - Pets are not permitted on the train.

Q. - Should I bring a jacket?

A. - YES! You might not always need it, but it can often be 10 to 15 degrees colder at Bald Knob and it never hurts to be prepared.

Q. - Is there anything else to do in the area?

A. - Try to plan on spending a whole day at Cass. The State Park Offers a wide range of free interpretive tours and programs focusing on the town's history and the locomotive shops. We also rent out river tubes, fishing gear, and bicycles that can be enjoyed on the adjacent Greenbrier River and Greenbrier River Trail. Nearby the National Radio Astronomy Observatory offers a free tour and science museum, the Monongahela National Forest, Seneca State Forest, and Watoga State Park represent bountiful opportunities for outdoor recreation, and Snowshoe Resort offers varied entertainment, from skiing in the winter to golf and mountain biking in the summer, nightlife, and fine dining.

Q. - What's the best place to stay overnight?

A. - Right here at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park you can rent and stay in a restored company house. Within a 20 minute drive you have many options that include Seneca State Forest's cabins and rustic campground, privately owned campgrounds nearby, small to medium sized motels, bed and breakfast establishments, rustic cabins, luxury cottages, and condominiums. The best choice is determined by your tastes. Generally the local accommodations are very modestly priced.

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