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Caboose Rentals

rent a caboose and stay all night atop Cheat Mountain at Cass Scenic Railroad
Interior of Caboose #311

Cass Scenic Railroad offers cabooses for overnight stays or longer. Cabooses provide private accommodations for up to 5 people overnight. All caboose rentals are by reservation only during normal operating season. Please all Cass Scenic Railroad State Park headquarters for reservations.

Each caboose is equipped with a coal heating stove and sink.

Coal and drinking water are provided.

About the individual cabooses:

Caboose #311 - This 1940's era steel caboose is 9' X 25' inside, with a set of bunk beds and a daybed. The cupola seats convert into two youth beds (22" X 72") for those youngsters who want a "sleeping under the stars" experience. It is equipped with a dinette for six and plenty of storage space. This caboose is stationed at Bald Knob.

Note: Caboose units are rustic by nature.

Trip information

For overnight stays in a caboose, you will ride the train to Bald Knob, where you will find the caboose setting. This gives you a great opportunity to enjoy and explore the remote backcountry on Cheat Mountain. Click train schedule button on the top left column of this page.

Mountain Rail Adventures maintains and is responsible for the train schedules, fares, departures, and Caboose rentals for Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. To rent and reserve a Caboose overnight at Bald Knob, call 866-460-7265 or visit Mountain Rail Adventures.

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